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Pastor Tyrone Garland

"It all begin October 2009. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I was led to create a place where we could have an outreach church and create a safe haven of grace in the city. I truly believe that people deserve not only a second chance but people deserve another chance. We started with a Sunday morning service, then added a Sunday morning disciple class and Thursday evening bible study. From humble beginnings, we have been blessed to grow a clothing ministry, food ministry, prison ministry and we reach out to several community organizations to partner with. We also partner with Lynchburg City Schools in the adoption of the Huthcherson Early Learning Center, some local churches and with Parkview Community Missions ministry.  With a mindset and guidance of The Lord, we believe that there is a mandate to save souls and a mandate for no one going to bed hungry."---Founding Pastor Delgardo Linthicum


2012 Grace St. Lynchburg, VA 24504



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